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Pesticide waste packaging recycling initial success

Trade News
2017/05/25 09:34
       Recently, in Qianjiang city high field office of a pesticide packaging waste recycling point early in the morning the reporter saw many villagers spontaneously came to check their bags of pesticide packaging recycling point back from the field, the recovery work personnel in accordance with the plastic bags of 3 A, 5 a empty pesticide bottles for recycling, see to deal with the rubbish before now can sell, the villagers have to rush to the fields to pick up. Villagers, "there is no recycling in the past, and your (agricultural) medicine bags are doing so?" Lost. Where did you lose it? It's burned everywhere. It's all packed up now."
       Qianjiang is a big agricultural city, annual production of obsolete pesticides and packaging materials 130 tons, including 30 tons of obsolete pesticides, farmers at home and the residue of pesticide packaging waste 100 tons of drugs, therefore, the Qianjiang Municipal Bureau of agriculture to carry out special pesticide packaging waste recycling work, ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products.
Jiangdu City agricultural administrative law enforcement detachment Wang Chengjun "we will further intensify propaganda, increase waste pesticide recycling and disposal efforts, strengthen management of pesticide waste, and the recycling of pesticide waste bags in our city's rural areas, further efforts on implementation."
This year, the Qianjiang Municipal Bureau of agriculture respectively in Yuyang village, Liu Qiao Cun town bridge, high field high field offices, security village street, Ji Yu Kou Zhen Gu Cheng Cun, Baowan village and other places to set up recycling, recycling of pesticide packaging waste recycling will take, storage, cleaning, packaging, transport to set in China Environmental Protection (Wuxue) Co., Ltd. harmless waste disposal (incineration) treatment.
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