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The tragedy of improper use of stored grain pesticides (phosphide, aluminum, tablets, etc.) to kill people

Trade News
2017/05/25 09:20
August 14th reported that the recent two consecutive Zhumadian city due to improper use of grain storage pesticides (phosphide, aluminum, tablets, etc.) caused the tragic loss of life. Luohe city agricultural law enforcement and Supervision Detachment reminded farmers to safely use stored grain pesticides.
It is understood that the majority of farmers in Luohe grain storage insecticidal, but also to "56% phosphide aluminum tablets" based. "56% aluminium phosphide" is a kind of common insecticides used for fumigation of grain, seed warehouse pests, but the pesticide water will release harmful gases, flammable and toxic phosphine, the body once inhaled 0.14 mg may be killed on the spot. In the countryside, some farmers combine the granary with the bedroom, and the weather is humid in recent days, which has hidden dangers for the storage of grain. The agricultural law enforcement detachment responsible person, with aluminium phosphide pesticide, the amount of only six or seven per ton of wheat, but many people in order to achieve the insecticidal effect blindly increase the dose, the proximal air humidity and toxic substances, drugs will be rapidly hydrolyzed, causing potential safety hazard. Farmer friend must buy the insecticide of regular manufacturer, use according to the requirement on instruction manual, if appear giddy, disgusting, vomiting when the symptom, should be treated in time to the hospital.
Luohe city agricultural law enforcement detachment joint law enforcement brigade in the counties of pesticide market investigation and issued an emergency notice, request the business processes and the use of pesticides to buy grain fumigation pesticide aluminium phosphide pesticide farmers to explain in detail the specification, and through television, newspapers and other media publicity to the majority of farmers, ensuring the grain administration safety. (Henan daily)......
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